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What are slab leaks? Basically, these are leaks coming from pipes underneath concrete walls and foundations of your home. These may come unnoticed but sooner or later, you'll see that your floors and carpets will become damp. When this happens, immediately take action or else, suffer thousands of dollars worth of damages to your home's foundation.


So how do you know if you have a slab leak? Common symptoms include seeing or feeling wet spots on the flooring. Especially warm spots. These can be detected by walking around the house in bare feet. Another common symptom is that the water bill is significantly higher. This is caused by the fact that water is leaking under pressure from an inbound water line. This means that the water leaks all day and all night ever day. That drives your water bill way up. Another symptom that is fairly common is that is sounds like water is running when all of the faucets in your house are off.


As we alluded to earlier, the core cause of these leaks is damaged soft copper tubing. The damaged pipes begin springing leaks and become known as slab leaks. What is unique about these slab leaks is that they are in the concrete foundation. A foundation leak, by it's very nature is not an easy leak to fix.

Leak detection

Leak detection is a very important part of the process. Also, it is often separate from the repair process. The first step is to find the leak or leaks. We will use high tech non invasive detection equipment to find the leak. This is important because you don't want to let anyone dig around to find the leak. The jackhammer is only to be used after you know exactly where the leak is.